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My name is Antonia Lares, a Real Estate professional servicing the Lehigh Valley at Weichert Realtors in Easton, PA. My entrance into Real Estate was based on the lifelong desire of working with people to buy and sell properties. With my background and degree in Business Administration, I have gained the necessary skills to negotiate successful transactions and navigate through legal documentation, as well as remain organized and on-task throughout the extensive Real Estate sales process. Having lived in the Lehigh Valley for several years, I have a strong connection to the community and understand the complexities of the local market. As a client, you will benefit from my in-depth knowledge of the Valley’s Real Estate landscape and my client-oriented approach to business. Fueled by my passion to help people own their dream homes, my strengths as an agent include my non-adversarial work ethic and compassionate nature. I am a member of the Lehigh Valley Association of Realtors, the National Association of Realtors and is accomplished in Real Realtors and is accomplished in Real Estate Practices


AJ HODGE Born and raised in New York City, AJ Hodge is a Certified Facilities Manager & Licensed Real Estate Agent with a proven track record of success providing dynamic workplace solutions. He is also a facilities professional with over 8 years of experience maximizing efficiency and productivity. His passion for perfection coupled with his exposure to construction projects while growing up laid the foundation for his real estate career. He has a construction design background in facilities operation and a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a proven track record of success due to his perseverance and never die attitude leveraging many resources. He is skilled at developing, implementing and improving operations for startups, expanding and restructuring companies. Since moving to the Lehigh Valley 5 years ago, he has been a proactive team leader and mentors with proven ability to negotiate favourable agreements, cultivate strong business relationships and spearhead cross-functional collaborations. He is an engaged father of 2 children who loves spending quality time with his family during his leisure time.

A.J Hodge 
Cell Number 646 342 2750
Office (610) 252-6666 ext 5672

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